How The Architecture Of The House Affect The Installation Of AC?




Which type of AC do you want to install in your home? This is a major question about which you have to decide before purchasing AC. I face difficulty when my friend wants an air conditioning installation in her home. She purchased the duct AC without any suggestion. Although that was not the issue. The major issue was she has to spend much money on the ducted air conditioning installation. This was because her house was constructed many years before and of double story. Hence, when she called the air conditioning installation company, then they told her it is quite a difficult task for ducted air conditioning installation. Why it is difficult? Following are the reasons. 

Factors that are considered while dusted air conditioning installation: 

Area for installing duct AC: 

If you have an old home or there are floors in your house, then it is necessary for the ducted air conditioning installation that there should be an area on the roof. However, the distance between the floor of the first floor and the roof of the ground floor is important because the duct air condition is installed easily at that place. 

The function of duct ac either cooling or heating: 

However, the functionality of the duct ac also depends. Which function you want will help the team to decide whether to install ac on the roof or under the floor? 

The homes that are newly made, then in this type of house ducted air conditioning installationis easy because their roof has been designed. Moreover, if you are going to construct the house, then I will recommend you to contact the HVAC because they will give you the best possible way for the air conditioning installation. 

How much it cost for duct air conditioning installation: 

We cannot give the proper estimate. However, each house is different from the other. Moreover, the estimate also depends on which type of ac you want to install. In the case ofducted air conditioning installation, costs vary. Some people want to install a roof and some on the floor. The cost of the roof air conditioning installation is less than the floor. This is because the grill used in floors must be of aluminium, and to cut the area of the floor for ducted air conditioninginstallation the team requires a jigsaw. All these become costly. Hence, on the roof instead ofaluminium grills, companies use plastic grills. 


In a nutshell, when you have a new house, then ducted air conditioning installation is best, and do install ac in the roof as they are less costly. Moreover, if your home is old, then a split or portable air conditioning installation is best. For more information, please log on to