How Long A Property Marketing Video Should Be To Stay Effective

This era where everything is so dynamic, and everything is so dependent on property marketing in Melbourne; for those hwo are still unaware of this term e- marketing is marketing done through electronic media. Electronic media is strong has its own pros and cons, but in short to capture the maximum market is minimum time electronic media is the only option irrespective of everything or anything. Certainly, we all have seen ads on electronic media and print media, here we are going to shed some light on property marketing through video. This is the era of Facebook and YouTube where everything and anything goes viral is no time, and above all this is free totally. So, what’s better than floating a nice advertisement video on FB and Youtube to gain the attention of potential buyers. So, the question arises how long the video should be in order to stay effective in the mind of the clients.

Too less is too much: these days it is essential to keep in mind the client’s perspective above everything, it is important to keep the marketing video as concise as possible, there is a marketing term that too less is too much for the client, it take so much pressure from a marketer’s end to understand the length and the impact of the marketing video of the property. This is something subjective and depends on the size of the property, there is no actual rule of thumb for the video making of the property but, it is recommended to keep it no longer than 6 to 9 minutes. It becomes almost impossible to summarize the different features of the property. For example: if the marketer is shooting a video of a 9-bedroom bungalow then definitely it would be a challenge for the marketer to make something like this. But keep the length of the video in mind, consider the rule of too less is too much for the client these days.

Don’t let them bore: Anyways without deviating from the topic it is important to focus of the main aspects of the property only, with some more selling features; but on the other hand, what is even more important is to keep it dynamic and avoid the margin to stretch towards boredom. It is important to add some funny punches too without deviating from the main aspect of the video. Hence it is way important to understand the target market and accordingly make the marketing video of the property, stating complete details and everything important related to the property. It has been concluded that video marketing is one of the most effective medium of marketing.