What To Say To Your Makeup Professional?

If we could tell you one thing to ask your bridal makeup artist when you visit the salon, it will be ‘everything’. Do not sit back and hesitate. Do not assume and jump to conclusions. Do not have unsaid expectations. Just reach out and tell everything that needs to be said so you are a 100 per cent sure that you and your bridal makeup artist are on the same page and nothing is left uncommunicated. When it comes to your hair and makeup, make sure you put all your demands and expectations right there on the table so, no one gets disappointed o nervous in the end.

Do you need to bring photos?

Yes, you do need to bring photos as that way you are sure that you and your hair and makeup in Melbourne are seeing the same picture and acting accordingly to it. There is no communication gap that can go with just using words. Remember to go with realistic pictures that are not photoshopped or edited in any way, so you do not face any inconvenience at the end.

How to get the most of your time?

You first need to get an appointment without your makeup on. Get a white tee on that will help the artist see wheat your bare skin looks like with white dress, which is nearly the colour of all wedding dresses. Of course, you can mix and match and get the dress of your choice when speaking about the colour, but you need to make sure you provide them with a good frame to have an idea.

What can be included in the package?

The services for hair and makeup for your wedding makeup package can include a variety. This can include makeup glow on your shoulders and legs, depending on the body parts that will be exposed in your wedding dress. Other features include brows tweezing and cutting, artificial eye lashes, covering up any unwanted moles and scars, and adjusting any tan lines. You can also get any tattoo covered which serves as an extra service included in the package. Visit https://www.jennybeauty.com.au/weddings/ for bridal makeup.

Do you need to look perfect for pictures or the people?

Obviously, the answer is both. You will look different in person, in a camera, and in an iPhone. So you need to make sure your wedding makeup is ideal for all situations. It should not be so dull and cakey that it is obvious in the pictures. Also, it should not be so much that it looks artificial in person. Find a balance for all.